conserving the wild cheetah population of Botswana    

Donors and Supporters

CCB continues to benefit from the contributions of funding organizations, volunteers, individual donors and also businesses, here in Botswana and around the world. Without this wide ranging support our programmes would be severely restricted. We therefore wish to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has, in some way, supported CCB so far.

Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN)
National Geographic Big Cat Initiative
Prince Bernard Nature Foundation
Disney Conservation Fund
Rufford Foundation
Zynga Inc
Houston Zoo
Conservation Strategy Fund
Predator Conservation Trust
Cheetah Species Survival Plan
Wild Cat Education & Conservation Fund
Cheryl Grunbock & Martin King Foundation
Tapeats Fund
Banham Zoo & Africa Alive!- ZSEA
Denver Zoo
Toledo Zoo
St Louis Zoo
Pittsburgh Zoo
Project Survival
Wild Wonders
Zoofari Inc
Love Animals
Sidney Byers Charitable Trust
Animal Ark
Safari West
Tanganyika Wildlife Park
Nashville Zoo
Milwaukee County Zoo
Virginia Safari Park
Metro Richmond Zoo
Zoological Society of Washington
Carson Springs Wildlife Center
LEO Zoological Conservation Center
Southwick Wild Animal Farm
Tiger Safari, USA

Working Abroad

Department of Wildlife & National Parks
Embassy of the United States of America
Global Environment Facility
Wilderness Trust
Thornhill Primary School

All individual donors can be found in our Annual Reports available under downloads.
Thankyou to all of you for your ongoing support!